Our Lab

Good quality starts with the detailed inspection of every grain of wheat.

The quality control of our products consists in a very rigorous process of chemical and physical testing. The “Research and Inspection Center” at Prima is staffed by an innovative team of technicians, always up to date with the latest demands of the market and of our clients, and at the same time always successful in creating new products with the best quality assurance. The Center conducts routine and new important tests and experiments in order to be able to monitor the quality of our products, to improve them continuously and to create new ones as well. Our technicians are always in touch with our clients and also visit them as needed, which allows us to address any concerns and to adapt our products to their individual demands and preferences.


These are the most applied performance tests certifying that the Prima products have met the qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations and specifications, attaining the highest quality for our clients. Our company has been recognized with the certificates mentioned below: