Fabrika prima

Our History


“With you since 1995”
BLOJA CO was founded in August 1995 in Tirana as a corporation focused on milling and processing soft and hard wheat. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Prima Company, produces and markets long, short and NIDI pasta under the samebrand.
Our corporation’s initial capital was entirely domestic. In 1996 welaunched a large reconstruction renovation project to increase the storage capacity by adding two metallic silos of 4000 tons each.

Due to an increased market demand, as well as higher quality requirements we have constantly aimed at improving technology and adding output capacity. That is why in 2000 we completely dismantled our existing line and rebuilt two new lines manufactured in Padova, Italy with a grinding capacity of 400 tons per day. Later, five metallic silos of the well-known Italian FRAME brand were added as well, resulting in an increased total output capacity of 12.000 tons. The weighing and bagging of our products is made by special automated machines of the Italian brand IMECO Paglierani with an output capacity of 80 tons per hour. When it comes to loading and storing of the wheat, and to making, packaging and transportation of our products and by-products, our factory’s processes are thoroughly automated and digitalized. Our total investments have reached the amount of approximately 13 million dollars up to date. Our processes were further enhanced and improved with the installation of a
brand new line for the grinding of hard wheat, at a capacity of 100 tons per 24 hours. This new addition made our grinding capacity reach a total of 500 tons per 24 hours.

We proudly introduced Prima in 2005 as a new brand in the  Albanian market, and at the same time as a subsidiary company involved in the production of three
different pasta lines:
– The long pasta line with a capacity of 1300 kg/hour;
– The short pasta line with a capacity of 800 kg/ hour;
– The NIDI pasta line with a capacity of 300 kg/hour;

The technology used in our lines is imported from the well-known Italian manufacturer PAVAN and it meets the highest standards of quality and
innovation. The total investments in the pasta factory have reached the amount of approximately 9 million dollars up to date. 

The main products of Bloja Co are flours of the type: “00”, “0”, “1”, “2”, “Integral” and “Semola” used to make bread, pizza, pies, pastry, etc.
Prima sh.p.k. produces on its part all types of short, long, and NIDI pasta. Because of our continuous investment in modernization and improvement of our production technology and processes, and as a result of excellent leadership and management quality, our group is an industry leader in Albania and one of the biggest in the Balkans. We really appreciate the support of our customers in all our journey, and we are proud of top position in today’s business world and in our community.

Adi - Fuad Haxhiymeri

From the very beginning our mission has been the same: bringing the best quality products to our clients on a daily basis.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

Agron Haxhiymeri

The success of our company is based on our continuous investment in the best infrastructure and in the most qualified staff at all levels.

“A Satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”

Our Staff Prima and Bloja

Prima’s success and achievements are the result of a dedicated staff whose hard work and professionalism during these 25 years has made us what we are today. They have been working with the same solid commitment and motivation since the beginning, and this is why we are continuously able to deliver excellent products every single day both in Albania and abroad.